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Merge pull request #22 from yithian/code_of_conduct_at_top 3 months ago
  Alex Chvatal 85cae93879 move the code of conduct toward the top 3 months ago
  Samuel Munilla d1f750eed9
Merge pull request #21 from awood/conflict 3 months ago
  Alex Wood 94e683c74e Add section on conflict resolution procedure. 3 months ago
  Samuel Munilla e69548b12e
Merge pull request #20 from yithian/anchor_links 3 months ago
  Alex Chvatal 6f262d3102 add anchor links to header sections 3 months ago
  Samuel Munilla f3f67b248c
Merge pull request #19 from smunilla/revised-membership-rules 3 months ago
  Samuel Munilla dc50eff5f4 Proposed changes to membership policies 3 months ago
  Alex Wood ef976c376f
Merge pull request #18 from komidore64/bylaw-improvements 3 months ago
  Adam Price a3943eff9a
Update index.md 3 months ago
  Adam Price 8ed543ba82 bylaw updates 3 months ago
  Adam Price 7f5be484d3 zargcon 2019 has passed 3 months ago
  Adam Price 3062cdfb8f update gem and ruby deps to be inline with github-pages 3 months ago
  Alex Wood 80850677e1 Add framework for creating reveal.js presentations. 3 months ago
  Vincent Batts 08053c05d8
Merge pull request #14 from zrgn/dependabot/bundler/nokogiri-1.10.8 8 months ago
  Vincent Batts dfb1f89885
Merge pull request #9 from zrgn/dependabot/bundler/rubyzip-2.0.0 8 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 15cbed3955
build(deps): bump nokogiri from 1.10.3 to 1.10.8 8 months ago
  Alex Wood 502477ab68
Merge pull request #13 from kenganong/master 11 months ago
  Ken Ganong cbf08fb6ea
Add google calendar link 11 months ago
  Samuel Munilla 4d6cdd85f2
Merge pull request #12 from awood/master 11 months ago
  Alex Wood c703ae61d1 Add Zargcon times and a map link. 11 months ago
  Samuel Munilla af927c8085
Merge pull request #11 from smunilla/zargcon 11 months ago
  Samuel Munilla 8355db5634 Update payment link 11 months ago
  Alex Wood 16dd4793d4
Merge pull request #8 from smunilla/zargcon 11 months ago
  Samuel Munilla 21e3a2300b Add ZargCon Information Page 11 months ago
  dependabot[bot] f920526822
build(deps): bump rubyzip from 1.2.2 to 2.0.0 11 months ago
  Vincent Batts 32b8030a4a
Merge pull request #7 from zrgn/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/eslint-utils-1.4.3 11 months ago
  dependabot[bot] f8476a9e7b
build(deps): bump eslint-utils from 1.3.1 to 1.4.3 1 year ago
  Alex Wood 5fe6399394
Merge pull request #6 from pcreech/bylaw-suggestion 1 year ago
  Patrick Creech 8bc9b87bdf Infraction line item 1 year ago
  Samuel Munilla 8c1cd8882e
Merge pull request #5 from awood/awood/more-rules 1 year ago
  Alex Wood 716d530d70 Edit rules 1 year ago
  Alex Wood 2ede8fd1e1 Wrap at 80 characters. 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts d2a16a5bc2
Merge pull request #4 from awood/standard-jekyll-layout 1 year ago
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  Alex Wood 0534a81c9f Use better bower/grunt integration plugin. 1 year ago
  Alex Wood 23d16dc090 Remove remark markdown linter. 1 year ago
  Alex Wood 9c285bc936 Add eslint settings file. 1 year ago
  Alex Wood f8e085c354 Ignore RVM ruby directive files. 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts d667d09b19 games.json: accidentally an "i" 1 year ago
  Patrick Connelly a441500643 Fixing issues links 1 year ago
  Patrick Connelly 1a0ffd7001 Updating rules to match existing verbiage 1 year ago
  Patrick Connelly 3161176e3a Adding lots of stuff to make this an actual site driven by json data 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts 16c98e99fc
index: g r a c i o u s 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts ab9b8820cd
index: b a s i c 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts bdf8a843ff
index: e x i l e 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts 220e621f2e
index: c o m p l y 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts 1541bea16b
index: c o n d u c t 1 year ago
  Vincent Batts a42764904c
index: c o m p l a i n i n g 1 year ago