File systems verification utility and library, in likeness of mtree(8)

Updated 5 months ago

tar archive assembly/disassembly

Updated 8 months ago

Golang Merkle Tree Implementation. With hash.Hash interface for streaming support

Updated 6 years ago

Minimal rootfs creation for slackware linux (ideal for container images)

Updated 10 months ago

Utility for rendering slackware ChangeLog.txt into RSS feeds

Updated 2 months ago

utility for validating git commits (in a CI like travis or jenkins)

Updated 1 month ago

Image (or most any file) Web client and server Backed by MongoDB

Updated 2 years ago

random utilities

Updated 1 year ago

🙏 📎 Emoji that checksum! 🎉 💩

Updated 3 weeks ago

I really should put these in one place

Updated 1 year ago repo

Updated 3 weeks ago

Utility for local deduplication of filesystems

Updated 5 years ago

dangerously simple webdav server for a local filesystem

Updated 3 years ago

golang bindings for libcgroup

Updated 4 years ago

shell history helper

Updated 4 years ago

huffman trie hackings

Updated 4 years ago

playing with zmq

Updated 4 years ago

vbatts / SyncRefs Archived
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playing with an efficient file sync tool

Updated 1 year ago

playing with linux namespaces

Updated 4 years ago

utility to have large persistent storage of shell history

Updated 8 years ago