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Walter Wu 02c587733c kasan: remove redundant config option 5 days ago
apparmor apparmor: handle idmapped mounts 3 months ago
bpf bpf: Implement task local storage 6 months ago
integrity integrity: double check iint_cache was initialized 1 month ago
keys Keyrings miscellany 2 months ago
loadpin LSM: Add "contents" flag to kernel_read_file hook 7 months ago
lockdown Merge branch 'next-general' of git:// 11 months ago
safesetid LSM: SafeSetID: Fix warnings reported by test bot 6 months ago
selinux selinux/stable-5.12 PR 20210409 2 weeks ago
smack idmapped-mounts-v5.12 2 months ago
tomoyo tomoyo: don't special case PF_IO_WORKER for PF_KTHREAD 4 weeks ago
yama task_work: cleanup notification modes 6 months ago
Kconfig Replace HTTP links with HTTPS ones: security 9 months ago
Kconfig.hardening kasan: remove redundant config option 5 days ago
Makefile device_cgroup: Cleanup cgroup eBPF device filter code 1 year ago
commoncap.c Revert 95ebabde382c ("capabilities: Don't allow writing ambiguous v3 file capabilities") 1 month ago
device_cgroup.c device_cgroup: Fix RCU list debugging warning 8 months ago
inode.c Merge branch 'work.mount0' of git:// 2 years ago
lsm_audit.c make dump_common_audit_data() safe to be called from RCU pathwalk 3 months ago
min_addr.c sysctl: pass kernel pointers to ->proc_handler 12 months ago
security.c idmapped-mounts-v5.12 2 months ago