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Linus Torvalds 88a5af9439 Networking fixes for 5.12-rc8, including fixes from netfilter, 4 days ago
accounting SPDX patches for 5.7-rc1. 1 year ago
arch ia64: tools: remove duplicate definition of ia64_mf() on ia64 5 days ago
bootconfig tools/bootconfig: Add tracing_on support to helper scripts 3 months ago
bpf Merge 2 months ago
build perf build: Move feature cleanup under tools/build 2 months ago
cgroup blk-iocost: update 8 months ago
debugging docs: Update documentation to reflect what TAINT_CPU_OUT_OF_SPEC means 4 months ago
edid tools/edid: Move EDID data sets from Documentation/ 1 year ago
firewire treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 156 2 years ago
firmware Driver Core and debugfs changes for 5.3-rc1 2 years ago
gpio tools: gpio: remove uAPI v1 code no longer used by selftests 2 months ago
hv tools: hv: change http to https in hv_kvp_daemon.c 10 months ago
iio iio: add IIO_MOD_O2 modifier 8 months ago
include ia64: tools: remove inclusion of ia64-specific version of errno.h header 5 days ago
io_uring tools/io_uring: fix compile breakage 7 months ago
kvm/kvm_stat tools/kvm_stat: Add restart delay 3 weeks ago
laptop change email address for Pali Rohár 1 year ago
leds .gitignore: add SPDX License Identifier 1 year ago
lib libbpf: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference 2 weeks ago
memory-model tools/memory-model: Fix typo in klitmus7 compatibility table 4 months ago
objtool objtool,x86: Fix uaccess PUSHF/POPF validation 1 month ago
pci tools: PCI: Add 'e' to clear IRQ 1 year ago
pcmcia .gitignore: add SPDX License Identifier 1 year ago
perf perf arm-spe: Avoid potential buffer overrun 2 weeks ago
power platform-drivers-x86 for v5.12-1 2 months ago
scripts New features: 2 months ago
spi spi: tools: Make default_tx/rx and input_tx static 10 months ago
testing Merge git:// 5 days ago
thermal/tmon - Convert tsens configuration DT binding to yaml (Rajeshwari) 1 year ago
time treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 282 2 years ago
tracing tracing/tools: fix a couple of spelling mistakes 2 months ago
usb tools: usb: move to tools buildsystem 8 months ago
virtio tools/virtio: add barrier for aarch64 4 months ago
vm mm: Add PG_arch_2 page flag 8 months ago
wmi treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 500 2 years ago
Makefile tracing/tools: Add the latency-collector to tools directory 2 months ago