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autotools: Add --disable-static as default.
1 月之前
README README: Add Unicode (UTF-8) encoding as alternative. 3 年之前
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meson-template.SlackBuild meson-template: Added. 10 月之前
perl-template.SlackBuild perl-template.SlackBuild: Fix Module::Build (& ::Tiny) builds. 3 年之前
python-template.SlackBuild python-template: Add python3 support. 6 月之前
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README is used to display a short description of the application and
any additional instructions on how to build or use the package. You
may list optional dependencies needed to enable additional features.

Some common rules for the README file:
- Maximum of 72 characters per line
- Use 2-4 spaces for indentation, avoid TAB characters
- Plain ASCII or Unicode (UTF-8) are preferred encodings.
- Do not include the homepage URL
- Additional notes before building:
* user/group creation along with correct UID/GID
* strict dependency build order if necessary
* conflicts with any stock Slackware packages

If longer instructions are necessary, place them in a README.SBo file.