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October 6, 2003
The THDL Tibetan Collaborative Dictionary requires the following:

1. Check out the ThdlUser module to the same directory as the Dictionary. Or if you want to put it elsewhere, modify accordingly.

2. A recent version of Tomcat must be installed and the tomcat user/pass combo specified in the build file must be present in the tomcat-users.xml file with the role of manager.

3. Ant must be installed and the ant bin directory should be in your PATH variable. Also, catalina-ant.jar needs to be in $ANT_HOME/lib.

4. The MySQL databases Lex and ThdlUsers should be running locally with select, insert, update and delete privileges for the user specified in the following files: lex-context-config.xml, tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\lex.xml. Make sure to also update the docbase, workdir, and address for mysql database.

5. If you are using the DictionaryImporter class, copy to and update also the user and password.

6. The package includes a pre-configured tomcat server. If you would rather use your own installation of tomcat:
- Modify build.xml so that tomcat/common/lib folder points to your tomcat installation.
- Copy lex.xml from tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost to your tomcat installation. Then update the workdir property.

To get a copy of the database, contact Steve Weinberger ( ).

This document was written by Travis McCauley.
Updated by Andres Montano, 2/22/2005