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amontano c15caea8c2 Fixed remote connection. 11 years ago
archive haven't committed for a while! 15 years ago
dist Somebody modified the nightly builds sandbox. I'm committing what 17 years ago
docs Testing CVSROOT/log* e-mail script. 20 years ago
extensions replaced solr version 1.1 with 1.2 15 years ago
license Previously, all but the last line had \r\r\n line feeds, which is neither DOS 20 years ago
source Fixed remote connection. 11 years ago
.classpath I really hesitate to commit this because I'm not sure what it brings to the 17 years ago
.cvsignore Now using Jskad/ file, which I keep looking like this: 19 years ago
.project You can use these two files to use Eclipse 2.0 with Jskad. Though you'll 20 years ago
build.xml Updated URL's from to 16 years ago
junitbuild.xml A reverter that converts Unicode to computer-friendly (but not, yet, 17 years ago
jwsbuild.xml Less speculative change that I'm 99% sure will fix orion's nightly builds. 17 years ago
lucene-thdl-build.xml improved indexing 15 years ago