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WylieWord/Build procedure.txt

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WylieWord Build Procedure
This explains how to make a new version of WylieWord.
The program source file is called "WylieWord development".
This is what you edit with the VBA editor. To make it functional, you
may need to call WylieWordBindKeys.
When you have finished modifying it:
Do a search for, and remove, all debugging MsgBox calls.
I use "!!!" in comments to note known bugs that should be dealt with.
Search for "!!!" and make sure anything left in that state is
acceptable in the release.
18 years ago
Increment the version number in AboutWylieWord.
Do "Debug > Compile" in the F11 window. Verify there are no
compilation errors.
Re-test everything that has changed since the last release, and
anything that might be affected by those changes.
18 years ago
Update the Testing.doc document to reflect any functionality changes
and to test any bugs that have been fixed.
If the manual has changed, update its revision date.
Run PrepareDistribution in immediate window.
18 years ago
This runs automated tests. For these to work, you need to have the test case
files (from CVS/SourceForge) in your running WylieWord folder.
18 years ago
The full set of tests may take quite a long time; maybe half an hour.
Verify that the results are OK.
18 years ago
It also unbinds all the WylieWord keys.
This is critical to having WylieWord work correctly on non-English keyboards.
It also saves the source file in a special place that is the input to SEAU.
(If you aren't me, you will need to change the constant developmentFolder.)
Exit Word. Delete the template from the STARTUP folder if it's there.
18 years ago
The WylieWord installer is created using the program "SEAU"
("Self-Extracting Archive Utility"), available for $49 on the web.
The .INP file is its configuration.
Update the Files folder to be the WylieWord build folder (if it isn't already).
Update the Archive output file location to be in that folder also.
Save the SEAU configuration (.INP file) if you have changed it.
Run the SEAU builder.
18 years ago
Now install and re-test. See the Testing.doc file for how to do a
clean install and what to test.