Made 0F00, 0F02 and 0F03 be "symbols" rather than "combinations".

They should not be decomposed on transliteration.

    Made 0F0E (//) a "symbol" rather than "combination".

    Made the Sanskrit aspirates and k+Sh into foreign consonants,
    rather than "combination"s.  This doesn't actually affect the
    current code, but better reflects what it is doing (after the
    change to canonicalize these as single "precomposed" characters).

    Made the "strongly disrecommended" vowel signs "deprecated" rather
    than "combination".
a1tsal 18 years ago
parent 4aa9128173
commit 5034292ed6
  1. 46
      Unicode definition.txt

@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
0F00 oM combination
0F00 " symbol
0F01 " symbol
0F02 'u~M`H combination
0F03 'u~M`: combination
0F02 " symbol
0F03 " symbol
0F04 @ symbol
0F05 # symbol
0F06 $ symbol
@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
0F0B symbol
0F0C * symbol
0F0D / symbol
0F0E // combination
0F0E // symbol
0F0F ; symbol
0F10 " symbol
0F11 | symbol
@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
0F40 k Tibetan_head_consonant
0F41 kh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F42 g Tibetan_head_consonant
0F43 g+h combination
0F43 g+h foreign_head_consonant
0F44 ng Tibetan_head_consonant
0F45 c Tibetan_head_consonant
0F46 ch Tibetan_head_consonant
@ -75,22 +75,22 @@
0F4A T foreign_head_consonant
0F4B Th foreign_head_consonant
0F4C D foreign_head_consonant
0F4D D+h combination
0F4D D+h foreign_head_consonant
0F4E N foreign_head_consonant
0F4F t Tibetan_head_consonant
0F50 th Tibetan_head_consonant
0F51 d Tibetan_head_consonant
0F52 d+h combination
0F52 d+h foreign_head_consonant
0F53 n Tibetan_head_consonant
0F54 p Tibetan_head_consonant
0F55 ph Tibetan_head_consonant
0F56 b Tibetan_head_consonant
0F57 b+h combination
0F57 b+h foreign_head_consonant
0F58 m Tibetan_head_consonant
0F59 ts Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5A tsh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5B dz Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5C dz+h combination
0F5C dz+h foreign_head_consonant
0F5D w Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5E zh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5F z Tibetan_head_consonant
@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
0F66 s Tibetan_head_consonant
0F67 h Tibetan_head_consonant
0F68 a Tibetan_head_consonant
0F69 k+Sh combination
0F69 k+Sh foreign_head_consonant
0F6A R foreign_head_consonant
0F6B " unused
0F6C " unused
@ -113,13 +113,13 @@
0F70 " unused
0F71 A foreign_vowel
0F72 i Tibetan_vowel
0F73 I combination
0F73 I deprecated
0F74 u Tibetan_vowel
0F75 U combination
0F76 ri combination
0F77 rI combination
0F78 li combination
0F79 lI combination
0F75 U deprecated
0F76 ri deprecated
0F77 rI deprecated
0F78 li deprecated
0F79 lI deprecated
0F7A e Tibetan_vowel
0F7B ai foreign_vowel
0F7C o Tibetan_vowel
@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
0F7E M vowel_modifier
0F7F H foreign_word_terminator
0F80 -i foreign_vowel
0F81 -I combination
0F81 -I deprecated
0F82 ~M` vowel_modifier
0F83 ~M vowel_modifier
0F84 ? foreign_word_terminator
@ -145,7 +145,7 @@
0F90 +k Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F91 +kh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F92 +g Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F93 +g+h combination
0F93 +g+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F94 +ng Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F95 +c Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F96 +ch Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
@ -155,22 +155,22 @@
0F9A +T foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9B +Th foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9C +D foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9D +D+h combination
0F9D +D+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9E +N foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9F +t Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA0 +th Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA1 +d Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA2 +d+h combination
0FA2 +d+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FA3 +n Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA4 +p Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA5 +ph Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA6 +b Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA7 +b+h combination
0FA7 +b+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FA8 +m Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA9 +ts Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAA +tsh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAB +dz Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAC +dz+h combination
0FAC +dz+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FAD +w Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAE +zh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAF +z Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
@ -183,7 +183,7 @@
0FB6 +s Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB7 +h Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB8 +a Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB9 +k+Sh combination
0FB9 +k+Sh foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBA +W foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBB +Y foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBC +R foreign_subjoined_consonant