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WylieWord/Unicode definition.txt

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0F00 " symbol
0F01 " symbol
0F02 " symbol
0F03 " symbol
0F04 @ symbol
0F05 # symbol
0F06 $ symbol
0F07 % symbol
0F08 ! symbol
0F09 " symbol
0F0A " symbol
0F0B symbol
0F0C * symbol
0F0D / symbol
0F0E // symbol
0F0F ; symbol
0F10 " symbol
0F11 | symbol
0F12 " symbol
0F13 " symbol
0F14 : symbol
0F15 " symbol
0F16 " symbol
0F17 " symbol
0F18 " symbol
0F19 " symbol
0F1A " symbol
0F1B " symbol
0F1C " symbol
0F1D " symbol
0F1E " symbol
0F1F " symbol
0F20 0 symbol
0F21 1 symbol
0F22 2 symbol
0F23 3 symbol
0F24 4 symbol
0F25 5 symbol
0F26 6 symbol
0F27 7 symbol
0F28 8 symbol
0F29 9 symbol
0F2A " symbol
0F2B " symbol
0F2C " symbol
0F2D " symbol
0F2E " symbol
0F2F " symbol
0F30 " symbol
0F31 " symbol
0F32 " symbol
0F33 " symbol
0F34 = symbol
0F35 ~X symbol
0F36 " symbol
0F37 X symbol
0F38 " symbol
0F39 ^ symbol
0F3A < symbol
0F3B > symbol
0F3C ( symbol
0F3D ) symbol
0F3E } symbol
0F3F { symbol
0F40 k Tibetan_head_consonant
0F41 kh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F42 g Tibetan_head_consonant
0F43 g+h foreign_head_consonant
0F44 ng Tibetan_head_consonant
0F45 c Tibetan_head_consonant
0F46 ch Tibetan_head_consonant
0F47 j Tibetan_head_consonant
0F48 " unused
0F49 ny Tibetan_head_consonant
0F4A T foreign_head_consonant
0F4B Th foreign_head_consonant
0F4C D foreign_head_consonant
0F4D D+h foreign_head_consonant
0F4E N foreign_head_consonant
0F4F t Tibetan_head_consonant
0F50 th Tibetan_head_consonant
0F51 d Tibetan_head_consonant
0F52 d+h foreign_head_consonant
0F53 n Tibetan_head_consonant
0F54 p Tibetan_head_consonant
0F55 ph Tibetan_head_consonant
0F56 b Tibetan_head_consonant
0F57 b+h foreign_head_consonant
0F58 m Tibetan_head_consonant
0F59 ts Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5A tsh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5B dz Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5C dz+h foreign_head_consonant
0F5D w Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5E zh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F5F z Tibetan_head_consonant
0F60 ' Tibetan_head_consonant
0F61 y Tibetan_head_consonant
0F62 r Tibetan_head_consonant
0F63 l Tibetan_head_consonant
0F64 sh Tibetan_head_consonant
0F65 Sh foreign_head_consonant
0F66 s Tibetan_head_consonant
0F67 h Tibetan_head_consonant
0F68 a Tibetan_head_consonant
0F69 k+Sh foreign_head_consonant
0F6A R foreign_head_consonant
0F6B " unused
0F6C " unused
0F6D " unused
0F6E " unused
0F6F " unused
0F70 " unused
0F71 A foreign_vowel
0F72 i Tibetan_vowel
0F73 I deprecated
0F74 u Tibetan_vowel
0F75 U deprecated
0F76 ri deprecated
0F77 rI deprecated
0F78 li deprecated
0F79 lI deprecated
0F7A e Tibetan_vowel
0F7B ai foreign_vowel
0F7C o Tibetan_vowel
0F7D au foreign_vowel
0F7E M vowel_modifier
0F7F H foreign_word_terminator
0F80 -i foreign_vowel
0F81 -I deprecated
0F82 ~M` vowel_modifier
0F83 ~M vowel_modifier
0F84 ? foreign_word_terminator
0F85 & symbol
0F86 " symbol
0F87 " symbol
0F88 " symbol
0F89 " symbol
0F8A " symbol
0F8B " symbol
0F8C " unused
0F8D " unused
0F8E " unused
0F8F " unused
0F90 +k Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F91 +kh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F92 +g Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F93 +g+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F94 +ng Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F95 +c Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F96 +ch Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F97 +j Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F98 " unused
0F99 +ny Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0F9A +T foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9B +Th foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9C +D foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9D +D+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9E +N foreign_subjoined_consonant
0F9F +t Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA0 +th Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA1 +d Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA2 +d+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FA3 +n Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA4 +p Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA5 +ph Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA6 +b Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA7 +b+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FA8 +m Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FA9 +ts Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAA +tsh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAB +dz Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAC +dz+h foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FAD +w Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAE +zh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FAF +z Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB0 +' foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FB1 +y Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB2 +r Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB3 +l Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB4 +sh Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB5 +Sh foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FB6 +s Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB7 +h Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB8 +a Tibetan_subjoined_consonant
0FB9 +k+Sh foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBA +W foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBB +Y foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBC +R foreign_subjoined_consonant
0FBD " unused
0FBE " symbol
0FBF " symbol
0FC0 " symbol
0FC1 " symbol
0FC2 " symbol
0FC3 " symbol
0FC4 " symbol
0FC5 " symbol
0FC6 " symbol
0FC7 " symbol
0FC8 " symbol
0FC9 " symbol
0FCA " symbol
0FCB " symbol
0FCC " symbol
0FCD " unused
0FCE " unused
0FCF " symbol