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Dimension is a single page and responsive site template. It is a port of HTML5 UP's Dimension theme.

Dimension Theme screenshot


Run the following commands inside your Hugo site folder:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

Getting Started

After installation, you will need to configure the config.toml file, change pictures, and write your pages.

The config file

Copy the config.toml from the exampleSite folder into your Hugo site's root folder. Change the fields as needed. Add or delete social media by following the examples in the file. You may need to look up the font-awesome icon names. The icon field should be filled out without the "fa" prefix. The icon field for Twitter should be 'twitter' instead of 'fa-twitter'.

You can change the logo as well with font-awesome icons. The default is set to fa-diamond.

Changing pictures

Create an img folder in the static folder of your site -- not the theme's static folder. Add pictures to /static/img as needed. The background image should be named bg.jpg. The default names for the other images are pic01.jpg, pic02.jpg, and pic03.jpg, but you may use your own naming scheme when you edit index.html.

Writing your pages

Since this theme uses modals instead of separate content pages, it is best to simply edit the index.html file to edit your site. Copy the index.html file to your layouts folder before editing. Follow the example pages in the index.html file and adjust as needed.

Contact Form

You will need to use an external service for the contact form since static sites cannot handle forms on their own. One such service is Formspree. Formspree has a free tier.


This theme is released under the CC BY 3.0 license. For more information, read the License.